About Us

Mission Statement
Writing new music (composing) is as important and interesting as playing a musical instrument or singing.
However,  it’s surprising that many young people around the world don’t know how to start writing music.
Others may already be making up their own music, but don’t know how to write it down, find performers to play it or make a recording.
Many music teachers are unsure about how to teach composition, too! This is understandable.
If you are a teacher or a school-age pupil who is interested in musical composition, this award will help you to compose music, hear it performed and recorded and maybe win an award, too.

We are here to help you to write exciting music! Please get in touch.

“This Composition Award will not only promote the value of composition to musicians in Antigua and Barbuda but it will also help us to preserve our music traditions which can now be captured on paper for all generations and for the world at large to play and enjoy” – Karen-Mae Hill, High Commissioner of Antigua and Barbuda.